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Hello there, My name is Bj√∂rn Baetens but you can call me "Noxsa", 

Yes, you guest it noxsa is the internet name i go by and a few others i use but i'll get to them later! as you can see, this is a personal website where i write, post gaming stuff and or things i'v made on. recently i updated my old youtube channel and that will soon sprout to life, with "Lets'play or me goofing around with friends" . Twitch streaming is also a thing!  Links to all the good-stuff down on this page, just click the nicely placed icons ;-)

Chances are you see me in online games like GTA5 Online or Star Wars Battlefront or even some of the few MMORPG's i'v played **Kuch** World of Warcraft & Lineage2, GuildWars 2, Archage you name it! i'll probably played them. but i don't not allways used the same names in many of them, so i'll list a few of the names i use the most in my games. so next time you see me, do please say hi i won't bite!

- Noxsa, NoxsaBe, Nox_Samus, Lifetec (MMO's), Maeglin (MMO's).

So, you wonder by now what i do exactly, right? well i do crazy stuff in games, i pretend i can play them like a pro "but actually suck at them". also my english is not the best and they love to tell me that in games in many funny ways. creating logo's is also one of my passions "i don't suck at that", examples all over this site done em all my self!  Other things like my favorite wallpapers and few other things i like, "Wolfs" yea i like them and i really wished i could own one for real, but sadly my home is way to small for a beast like that. anyways ancient things, ruins and or anything ancient really i love it! so that might end up on this site.


~ Current active games ~

[Star Wars Battlefront]

[Ark Survival Evolved]



You can watch me play them on my YouTube Chanel! and from time 2 time see me stream them on Twitch!
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