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My name is, Bjorn Baetens ak Noxsa

i usually go under the name, "Noxsa" but it's not limited to, you might also have seen me use, "The Underground Crew" (VB6 Programs), "Nox Samus" (Games), "Maeglin" (Games). The reason why i made this site is simple cos i could and love to create useless things, like and not limited to my visual basic 6 programs, apps whatever the kids call them nowadays! well i say useless, there sure R for you but not for me, the things i make are usually made for myself and not for the public and so it seems there useless "for you". created them just to keep programming in the fingers. anyways what else can i say about me, i'm a man age 40, living in a great country called Belgium, "no it's not really cool country to be in but i'm stuck in it eitherway".
recently i'm doing youtube "failed so far" and twitch "not even started and failed", i do this to help myself, you see i have a mental problem i can't be in large groups of people! i have Social Anxiety Disorder, that's why i want to do youtube, it's going to be very hard for me to actually speak when i play and all what a youtuber has to do in them video's BUT i want to get cured and i feel this is a great way to do it! even writing this here was not without difficulties, that said i really hope to actually do some scoial things soon, i'm sick and tired of being at home all the time... i'm getting way to old to keep locking myself in a room.! (faild on all counts so far)
ehm clearing up a few things, yes i have help i do see a doctor and all that for it ;-) so don't write me saying i need to seek help elsewhere for it, But thanks anyways to suggest it.

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