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Logo's: all designs made by me with the tool "logomaker", not all of my logo's will be here on the site, some are made for other people who in turn either don't want me to display them here or copyright protected them because they had to link it to their company. as i usually make all my logo's for free, people i make em for can do what ever with them.

Visual basic apps: the apps are made again by me and with microsoft's visual basic 6.0 coding tool, all apps made for personal use, so the apps that will be on display on this site... probably only the fun tools and games i coded. all apps "if i give download links for them" are virus free and will NOT contain invasive tools / backdoors or anyother nasty code. NEVER download my apps from other sites !! only here on this site i can be sure they are virus free. all apps here (if downloads are in place) are FREE, NEVER pay for the apps, you don't even need to donate "i will refuse the donation". install instructions are simple, download, unzip, install the run-time files if app does not start from the get-go, presto all should work and if not, i'm sorry. =D
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