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Best Source of information about the game ( Ark: Survival Evolved Wiki )

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My Personal info about the game:
- The game is still in alpha and not finished, this said the game is very playable and if you love survival games then this one is a must have! fair warning though you NEED a beefy computer to run it with 60+ fps
- Performance wise, the game is not yet fully optimized ! but very playable on medium or high settings, Epic settings you really need a super computer to do all epic settings. but feel free to try :p
- this is not a quick game! i mean it will eat alot of time. but then again its not hard ! time is your number 1 enemy and from the start you race against it to stay alive. (hence survival game)
- high tier items a bit outbalanced if you ask me, they need way to much rare resources and like all things in this game its easyly destroyed or lost! (risk - reward does not apply well)
- Number one rule on Official and private online servers "TRUST NO ONE" ! :D
- Online servers i'm leader of "Evokai tribe" with typical warpaints like this  on my personal Dino's and buildings. i'm friendly and always helping out starters on the server i'm on. (more info about set server later)

 All the locations of the caves on the island ! very handy to have i'd say so
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