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There will be no, fresh, large versions of all my logo's any more. i hate seeing them stolen and "claimed" by others.
all logo's on this page are made by me with the tool "logomaker".!
Ancient Beast logo: i like to collect dragons and wolf related stuff, so its normal i made a logo with a dragon. use this logo to label all my visual basic projects and apps. well the newly made apps, old apps have old logo's.
This old logo i created mostly for forums and servers i owned. its mostly un-used now, but if you spot it chances are its me.
Ark survival evolved tribe logo, used this on practically on all my ark dino's, flags, bases.
Clan Logo (Blessed Empire) for Aion game,
Cosmocat creations, not much to say logo made by request.
MERC clan, Requested Logo.
My old personal logo, you might see a couple of them here, kinda made loads of them for my self.
World of Tanks game clan (platoon) logo, had a way smaler version to put on the tanks ingame aswell, can't find it, maybe will add that later "maybe".
Requested logo from my brother :D hes always a funny dude with crazy idea's,, totally his vision of logo.
Lineage 2 private server, requested logo
Ofc my latest logo i use for basicly all internet stuff, Youtube channel, this site, Twitter, Facebook... you get the idea.
Requested logo, cosmocat witch.
My Lone Wolfs Tag, Grand theft auto 5 Online
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